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Tue 27 Jun - 3:29 by Rarda Yana

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Wed 21 Jun - 21:46 by Katokari

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Wed 21 Jun - 21:44 by Katokari

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Wed 21 Jun - 21:43 by Katokari

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Roleplay Rules
Sat 12 Jul - 6:03 by Katokari
Still with us? Great! lets go over the Roleplay rules now.

We are a semi-realistic roleplaying site and base ourselves off of  "Naruto" a Japanese manga.  But I would like it if you still roleplayed realistically.
Roleplay rules:

Character Creation: When creating your character, we ask that you start off with a lower ranking ninja(Academy student or a Genin) so you can gain more knowledge …

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Battle Rules.
Fri 2 Jan - 3:16 by Katokari
To initiate a battle/fight, one would need to find someone who wishes to fight Out Of Characterly. Once battle has begun, both parties are expected to be mature in deciding what attacks hit, miss, and how lon the fight goes on for. The Stats system allows for individuals to know how much better an individual is in a particular art or skill set.

To use Jutsu, one requires Chakra to use. Below …

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Jinchuriki Rules
Fri 6 Feb - 1:31 by Anonymous

Jinchuriki are individual who have been chosen from a young age to be the host of one of the 9 Tailed Beasts. Each Tailed beast on its own is powerful, but the more tails, the more powerful they are. They each also specialize in their own jutsu, some are combinations of elements, others are more unique. Below are the list of unique chakra elements that are atributed to each Tailed …

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Stat Points
Wed 21 Jun - 21:43 by Katokari
Stat Points

Stat points show what an individual is good at, and not good at. One begins with 35 Points to distribute(Max of 10 Points per Stat) at Academy Student, and gains 5 more points to distribute each time an individuals Danger Rank Increases.

Ones physical strength, how hard they hit, and how much they can carry, lift, ect.

How fast one is, how quickly they can move, ect.

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Shinobi Ranks
Wed 21 Jun - 21:44 by Katokari
Shinobi Ranking

The Shinobi Ranking is the rank given to an individual for completing various missions and proving oneself in tests of some kind.

Academy Student - The lowest rank, not even considered a shinobi at this points, and are still learning to preform their shinobi duties.

Genin - The first official rank of Shinobi, they do all the simple things around the village, and more …

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Mission Ranks
Wed 21 Jun - 21:46 by Katokari

The most common activity for a shinobi to handle, Missions are a great way to gain Experience, Money, and to learn and have a good time in general. With greater reward comes greater difficulty, with D rank being common every day helping people, to S+ suicide missions that can change the world.

E Rank Missions - These are mostly training missions for younger and new genin. 5 Experience …

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