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 Jutsu so far.

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PostSubject: Jutsu so far.   Tue 29 Jul - 6:13

Name:Summoming jutsu: Wolf
Rank: D
Specialty:Summoning jutsu
Speed:Faster then a human
Size:168 lB 5"4 Height
Duration:Until released
Cooldown:5 Posts
Description: User uses a blood seal to summon a wolf named Katanari with a scar across one eye and a beady one on the other. it has a long silver coat and a torn off ear.

Name: Senjutsu: Full Force Fist
Rank: C
Range:5 meters
Speed:5 meters a second
Size:  5 meter diameter
Duration:Until contact is made
Cooldown:3 posts
Description:User put charkra as well as nature energy into there fist to make a destructive force that can put a hole in the mountain.

Name: Sage Mode: Wolf
Rank: B
Strength Has the strength to break through a wall.
Speed: A rank speed.
Size: N/A
Duration: Until user runs out of senjutsu chakra
Cooldown: 2 post but must charge for 1 (Does not count as the CD)
Description:Sage Mode is the empowered state humans enter when they learn to draw natural energy inside them and blending it with their chakra. By doing so, the human creates new senjutsu chakra that allows them to enter Sage Mode. Sage Mode enhances the combat efficiency of the user by allowing them to tap into the natural force of the world that opens new techniques to the user and allows them to power up existing ones with the new senjutsu chakra. Hasme has learned of this sage art by the wolfs. He has fur that cover his body and claws on the end of each of his fingers and toes as well as the fangs of wolfs.

Last edited by Hasme on Fri 30 Jan - 4:38; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu so far.   Tue 29 Jul - 23:02

Plx look this over and later i will make another thread with other jutsu i know or learned.
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Leo Pig
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu so far.   Wed 30 Jul - 18:35

looks good, approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu so far.   Thu 31 Jul - 3:39

Can you please add the Details to the sage mode... what animal sage are you? what excatly does this power up (justu Or a state such as speed, or Strength) what are some features you grow due to going into sage mode (Fangs, claws, warts? anything? you will have something because a perfect sage mode would require something like SS-ranked Senjustu)
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu so far.   Thu 31 Jul - 3:54

Okay edits have been made
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu so far.   

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Jutsu so far.
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