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 Degan Makatanashi

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PostSubject: Degan Makatanashi   Thu 25 Dec - 22:50

Name(required): Degan Makatanashi
Age(Required): 18
Species(Required):[Ex. Human, Zetsu (Half Plant), Kisame (Half Shark), Etc] Human
Sex:(required) Male
Sexual Orientation(required): Straight
Blood Type(Optional):A+
Date Of Birth(Optional): February 26, 1997

Character Personality(Required): Degan is quiet, a very conservative fellow, due to having grown up alon without friends or family much less a whole village around him he seems to become nervoused or shy, preferring to remain quiet rather than speak his mind. Degan is Extremely anti social and because of his father's brutal training techniques, name calling , beating and harshness he tends to have a hateful outlook on life as well as people. Can you blame him?  

Looks and Appearance: As shown in the avatar picture

Body Type/Looks:  Degan's body isn't particularly large but he is very muscular, having trained his whole life simply because his father demanded it. Everyday for Eighteen years he has trained, his body is in the best of shape.

Height: [Part I and Part II]   6'4

Weight: [Part I and Part II] 172 pounds

Makeup/Facepaint: [If any] Black Eyeliner or Eye shadow

Hairstyle(s): He usually wears his hair down so that he can cover much of his face, but sometimes he is will tie it back into a ponytail ( Warrior's Braid )

Fear(s)(Optional):Degan does not fear much, but he is terrified of Arachnids. Degan highly fear's never amounting to anything, failure and the lack of worthiness, proving himself will forever be his goal, and if he fails to prove himself then he doesn't really see any point in living.

Strength(s)(Required):  Degan excels in Taijutsu and hand to hand combat as he was a natural in this field since  he was very young. Degan has Trained in the areas of speed and power so he could try and counteract some of his vulnerability against ranged attacks, more often than not running straight at the enemy and dodging as many attacks as possible before meeting the enemy head on.

Weakness(es)(Required): Degan is very vulnerable if you put distance between yourself and him. He is a fluke when it comes to ranged fighting.  Degan has a weakness for people who show him extreme care and love. If he grows feelings for someone he would sacrifice himself for them any day of the week. This is considered a weakness in his view because it could cost him his life in the long run.

Personal Quote(Optional): I may not speak as often as I should. But when I do my voice shall be heard, and what I say shall be taken into account, or I will sear the words into your mind with pain.

History(required): Degan's father was a shinobi of the hidden sand village his name was Taytunare Makatanashi, an instructor of sorts,he tutored and trained the young who would be KazeKage someday, he was renowned all over the land for his amazing results, though only the children who experienced his programs knew of the harsh training methods. One day the man vanished, not a word was spoken, not a letter was left telling where he had gone, and not one person had seen him leave. He had a relationship with an Akatsuki woman, now can you see how this would complicate things?  Instead of living a lie, Taytunare preferred to seek the woman out,  they spent months together, almost a year before she came to him with the news of her pregnancy, he was ecstatic, the happiest he had ever been with her and his unborn child, the rough man he once was slowly dieing and transforming into a more kind and loving human being. His now wife gave birth in an Akatsuki stronghold, where she was treated and held for the babies arrival, the boy was to become an Akatsuki at birth, but Taytunare's love died as the men and woman there were forced to perorm a Cesection.  This killed Taytunare inside once again, splintering his heart and turning it black as coal, twice as it ever had been. Taking the boy, Taytunare traveled to an extremely islolated area of the sunagakure deserts, where he planned to raise his son. Taytunare knew of the dangers in the world, for he was a shinobi once and had seen many things, he wanted Degan to be prepared for anything and everything , he wanted his son to become a legend, he did not care whether Degan grew up to dislike him or not, he simply wanted Degan to be one of the best. And so Taytunare trained Degan from as early as the age of three, treating Degan as one of his pupils instead of his child, Degans whole existence was to train, eat ,sleep , and then train again the entirety  of the next day.  As Degan grew older he adopted a massive disdain for his father, thinking him to be a blight. Degan did not understand why he was forced to train this way every day of his life , he did not understand why he could not live or be free,, so often he would look at the sky and wish he were a bird flying in the wind. Many year's passed, Degan became an amazing fighter, able to fend off many of his father's best attacks, but Taytunare had grown old, reaching the age of Seventy, his heart failed in his sleep. When Degan awoke, he felt no sympathy, only excitement at having now become free, never would he know just how much his father loved him... why exactly he trained him the way he did, but now it was time for Degan to make his own path. Burying his father in their campsite, Degan now set's off in a random direction, nothing upon his body but rags for clothes, his only real possession was a walking stick that he had picked up from upon the ground.  Now he could forge his own destiny, his own path.

Mother(Required): Deceased
Brother(s)(If any):
Sister(s)(If any):
Aunt(s)(if Any):
Uncle(s)(If any):
Significant Other(If any):
Children(If any):

Ninja Information

Birth Village:  Degan was born in the desert's of Sunagakure, in isolation away from the village.
Current Village:  Never has had one.
Academy Graduation Age:  Never attended.
Chūnin Promotion Age: -
Rank:  -
Ninja Status:  Loner
Sensei: Degan wen't through grueling training as he was raised, his father never tried to actually be a father, always acted like a general or leader of sort's, never trieing to become extremely close with Degan except to elp him train. Since birth his father pushed Degan to the limits, even teaching Degan how to create his own jutsu's through the manipulation of chakra, this is where Degan's Boulder Fist Jutsu came from. Though His father never demanded he be called sensei, it was clear that that was the type of role he played.
Nindo: Degan has learned what this word means, and has decided that his nindo be to Test ones worthiness throuch combat, and to have his own worthiness and willpower tested through combat as well.
Chakra Element:  Wind, Earth
Specialties: Taijutsu

Boulder Fist Jutsu
Earth Barrier Jutsu, Fist's of
Multiple Material Jutsu.

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Leo Pig
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PostSubject: Re: Degan Makatanashi   Fri 26 Dec - 0:30

Good job, Approved!
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PostSubject: Re: Degan Makatanashi   Fri 26 Dec - 0:31

Woo, Thank you.
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Leo Pig
Posts : 202
Location : Sunagakure
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PostSubject: Re: Degan Makatanashi   Fri 26 Dec - 0:31

locking the topic
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PostSubject: Re: Degan Makatanashi   

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Degan Makatanashi
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